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Greetings, friends! This is Loren Fenton.

Last Wednesday my wife Ruth and I were both sidelined by COVID-19. Both of us received full immunization very soon after they were made available to us as senior citizens. However, last week when we began feeling totally miserable we decided to be tested. Tests came back positive.

By Thursday, I was feeling totally spent physically. After a rough night, very early Friday morning I called 9-1-1 and had the EMTs transport me to emergency. I spent several hours there (of course!), receiving all the required tests of things they check for. When the tests came back, the ER doctor reported that my COVID symptoms themselves were quite mild, but they discovered my blood sodium and potassium levels were dangerously low. They needed to admit me for a few days to address those issues.

I came home this afternoon. It’s now Sunday evening, and the schedule for the next episode of the GoodlifeNews! Podcast and Blog to post is tonight at midnight. That’s not going to happen. I do have most of the script written, but I need to finish, edit, and record everything, which usually takes a few hours. Frankly, I just don’t think it’s healthy to force the deadline.

So, I’ve decided to drop everything down one week. Thus, Episode 21, “Working Together – God’s Way” will appear next Monday, September 27, 12:01 a.m. 

My apologies for the break. I’ll keep you posted on any further development.

Love to all,



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