Exploring a Potpourri of Biblical Ideas and Godly Living

A Day Alone With God
(Thanks: Oregon Conference Ministerial Dept.)

  1. Why spend a day in prayer?
    1. For extended fellowship with God
    1. For a renewed perspective
    1. For catching up on intercession
    1. For prayerful consideration of our own lives with God
    1. For adequate personal preparation
  2. Suggestions on how to spend the day
    1. Get away from distractions
    1. Take a Bible, notebook, pencil, smartphone, etc.
      1. Keep a journal
        1. Record meaningful Bible texts, revelations, requests, expectations, impressions
      1. Write poems, songs, psalms
        1. Either for your personal reflection or to share with others
    1. Vary the day
      1. Read a while, pray a while, walk a while
    1. Divide the day into three parts
      1. Waiting on the Lord
        1. Don’t hurry—Isa 40:31; Ps 27:14; Ps 62:5
        1. Experience His presence—Ps 139
        1. Worship Him—Ps 103; 111; 145
      1. Praying for others
        1. Ask for specific requests
        1. Examine Paul’s prayers for others—Phil 1; Col 1; Eph 1, 3
        1. Pray specific Bible promises for them
      1. Praying for yourself
        1. For important decisions
        1. To understand Scripture—Ps 119:18
        1. Follow the Jabez prayer—1 Chron 4:10
        1. To follow God’s will—John 4:34
    1. Determine to act on the Holy Spirit’s promptings

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